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Archiving Services

 We will place all your paintings on a CD and categorize them by year completed and then add each new years paintings to them. Then  each year we will update the CD and send you a new updated copy.

  Set up fee $ 25.00 includes 50 images and 2-CDs In jewel cases. 
Additional Images over 50  $ .50 each, Additional CDs $ 5.00 each.
Plus S/H

 Attach you images to an email in JPG format

 E-Email to: ccswebs1@aol.com

PowerPoint Presentations

We produce  a custom made PowerPoint SVP (slide view presentation ) on a CD for almost any thing you may want.

The  one on the left is a CD that would make a great Christmas gift for your friends.

The  one on the right is a PowerPoint Presentation for an artist to send to galleries so their  work could be considered for inclusion in their gallery It will take s few seconds to load after you click on the CD.  It will run automatically but you can advance to the next frame by clicking on the current frame. The label and jewel case cover background can be one of your choosing, a picture of your business or anything else you wish.

Set up fee $100.00 Includes 25 images, 10  CDs in jewel cases with labels of your choice.
Additional Images over 25 $ .50 each, Additional CDs $5.00 each.
 Plus S/H

 Attach you images to an email in JPG format Email: to ccswebs1@aol.com

Just click on the C D to view