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Artist Statement:

Although less forgiving, I enjoy the medium of watercolor and its simplicity. I like to experiment with different subject matter. The subject matter depends on my mood at the time, and I paint whatever brings the most enjoyment and satisfaction to me personally. Some days I just like to throw paint on the paper and add salt or alcohol and see what happens before picking a subject matter. Seasonal changes also affect the richness of my color palette. The warmer months seem to bring out hot passionate colors, which stem from my heritage. Avoiding political or cause celeb messages in my subject matter, I believe the artist should paint with a view toward pleasing the viewer. The message should be a positive one and ignore those cynics who are blind to the beauty that life offers. I believe there is enough negativity thrown at us daily by the media. Life is a wonderful journey and you can be sure there will be some bumps in the road, but thatís what life is all about.


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