Bernadette Sims

      Shalimar, Florida


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My goal as an artist is to continue to develop the technical painting and drawing skills necessary to allow me the freedom to explore the artistic interpretation of subject matter that interests me and to continually widen the scope of the subject matter I paint.
My work has been described by some patrons as happy, energetic, colorful and fresh. I am a happy person when I am drawing and painting, so perhaps that emotion comes though somehow in my paintings. I love flowers, nature and beautiful objects. That seems to be the things I am drawn to capture right now. I have been told by several people whom I respect, that my work has a unique, recognizable style. I accepted that, thankfully, as a compliment.
I paint under my nickname, Bernie. I have been involved in the arts most of my life through my experiences as a ballet dancer; a ballet instructor; founder and Director of the Northwest Florida Ballet and a member of many Boards of arts organizations. 

 I have been exposed to diverse, stimulating human emotions and situations which has led me to respect all artists no matter  their chosen medium and to enjoy being with people who share a love of art. I respect the great masters and I am continually awe struck by their talent and craftsmanship.



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