Welcome To The Artist Colony

2008 International Online Exhibition

 Jurorís Statement

  It was my privilege as well as my difficult task to select the awards for the 2008 Artist Colony Online Exhibition.  I know very well how hard an artist works on a painting.  Therefore, I take judging a show very seriously.  Unfortunately, some excellent paintings that I would be proud to hang on my wall don't make the winners' circle.  As with all exhibitions, there just aren't enough awards to go around. I had to choose 14 winners from 150 paintings.  I have suffered my own share of disappointments in competitions. If you win, be happy and proud.  If you don't win, keep painting, have fun doing it, and come back next time. Above all, paint what makes you happy.  I thank all the artists who entered the exhibition for giving me the pleasure of viewing your work.   
James Brantley


Welcome to our opening reception for the Artist Colony 2008 International Online Exhibition

Have a glass of champagne and a hors d'oeuvre and come on in and enjoy the show.